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Type of assignments

Short term staffing – Candidates on our payroll and we outsource them

With short-term hiring, we deliver candidates who can be deployed for a temporary period. The nature of these projects is often production-driven and candidates must therefore be productive and work well under stressful conditions.

Long term staffing

With Long Term Hiring, we provide candidates with a permanent or flexible contract. At Atal Interim, we understand that the investment in a candidate is essential for longer-term employability. We are happy to think along with you to see how we can implement this investment in a sustainable and successful way in your new intake cycles.

Intermediary between employee and employer – Temporary staffing / placing self-employed people

In addition to secondment, Atal Interim also mediates for self-employed candidates. The advantage of working with an intermediary is that we understand the client’s policy and thus you will know exactly which conditions you should and should not include in the contract with the client. So that on the one hand you benefit from your independence, but on the other hand you are covered for any risks and obligations that this independence entails.

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