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Looking For Jobs in KYC, AML, ESG or Compliance?

Do you have strong analytical skills? Then one of these jobs  is  for you. In KYC, Know Your Client or Know Your Customer, you investigate and verify who the actual customer is. AML, also known as anti-money laundering, aims to prevent laundering of illegally obtained money. If you are focused on ensuring that financial institutions invest in sustainable projects, then a job in ESG, Environment, Social and Governance, is the right one for you!

Today, Compliance is used as a technical term for compliance with all laws, regulations, and policies in an organization. Interested to help financial institutions in being compliant? Then a job in compliance is a good choice for you!

  • Ensure money laundering is revealed
  • Contribute to the wellbeing of future generations
  • Ensure your customers are legit
  • Help financial institutions in being compliant
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  • Atal Interm B.V.

    ESG Analyst
    Full TimeRemote

  • Atal Interim B.V.

    KYC Analyst
    Full TimePart TimeRemote

  • Atal Interim B.V.

    Quality Checker KYC
    Full TimeRemote

  • Atal Interim B.V.

    Anti Money Laundering Agent
    Full TimeRemote

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